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Let’s face it. Your best friend’s favorite pizza joint might not be yours, especially if you don’t like the same kind of pizza.

So we’ve decided to break our list down by type (or, maybe by region?).


Chicago is synonymous with deep dish pizza. And so is the 312 Pizza Company (for those “in the know,” 312 is Chicago’s area code). This joint was started by Chicago immigrants, and they are committed to bringing you an authentic pizza from their hometown (although all their ingredients are locally sourced or made from scratch right here in Nashville).


New York/Sicilian. We aren’t making this up. Two New York brothers have two of the best New York style pizza places in Nashville. Manny’s House of Pizza and Joey’s House of Pizza. Joey used to work with Manny, and then branched out on his own. We like to pretend there was some sort of Godfather level feud, but that’s just our imagination run wild. There’s also Five Points Pizza. Feuds here unknown.


Neapolitan: Hands down, DeSano Pizzeria is the place to go. Apparently, there are even guidelines to making Neapolitan style pizza issued by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (who knew?). These guys pride themselves on following them to perfection. All done in their wood burning ovens.


Don’t care about region, but more focused on how your pizza is cooked? Bella Nashville offers quick wood-fired pies. And Nicky’s Coal Fired offers — well, it’s right there in the name.

Pick one, go with friends, argue about whether any of these types of pizza are even Italian at all. Maybe pizza pie is as American as apple pie. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you’re a fan of all pizza no matter where it’s from.

Did we miss your favorite? Be sure to let us know on Facebook or Instagram. Share your photos!

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